13.6 Gira Con Sciencia-- Rotational/ Vibrational Motion

Chemical Concepts Demonstrated: Translational, rotational, and vibrational motions; rotational/vibrational coupling effects on the bandwidth on absorption/emission spectra


The plastic "gira con sciencia" demonstrator is spun to the left on the overhead projector. It is then twisted toward the right. Watch in amazement!


    Spinning the device to the left is easy and it lasts for a long time.   When spun to the right, however, the toy begins to rock violently, then spins in the opposite direction.


    "Gira Con Sciencia" means "Spin with Science" in Spanish.  Trying to spin the toy to the right translates the rotational energy to vibrational energy and back to rotational energy in the opposite direction.

    It is difficult to explain just how the toy works mechanically, but it has something to do with its odd shape.