Gottfried Fischer

The Origins of Stoichiometry (Gottfried Fischer)

Jeremias Benjamin Richter work therefore had little impact until 1802, when it was summarized by Ernst Gottfried Fischer in terms of tables, such as the one below. (According to this table, it takes 615 parts by weight of magnesia to neutralize either 1000 parts by weight of sulfuric acid or 1405 parts by weight of nitric acid.)

Weights of Acids and Bases that are Chemically Equivalent

Bases Acids
Alumina 525 Carbonic 577
Magnesia 615 Muriatic 712
Lime 793 Phosphoric 979
Soda 859 Sulfuric 1000
Potash 1605 Nitric 1405
Acetic 1480


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