Use of the Analytical Balance

Preparing the balance for use

Before weighing anything on the analytical balance you must make sure that it is leveled and zeroed.

To check the leveling on the balance, look at the leveling bubble on the floor of the weighing chamber. If it is not centered, center it by turning the leveling screws on the bottom toward the back of the balance.

Once the balance is leveled, close all the chamber doors and press the control bar on the front of the balance. After a few seconds, a row of zeros will appear. This indicates that the balance is zeroed and ready for use.

Weighing a liquid, powder, or granular substance

These substances must always be weighed using an appropriate weighing container.

  1. Place the weighing container on the balance pan and close the doors.

  2. Tare the container by briefly pressing the control bar. The readout will read zero with the container sitting on the pan. This allows the mass of your sample to be read directly.

  3. Add the substance to be weighed. Be careful not to spill chemicals on the balance. If need be, you can remove the container from the weighing chamber while you add the sample provided that noone presses the control bar before you weigh your sample.

  4. With the sample and its container sitting on the pan, close the chamber doors and read the display to find the mass of your sample.

Weighing a solid object directly on the balance

If the object you need to weigh is a solid object, you can weigh it directly on the pan. Be sure the balance is zeroed. Open the chamber doors, carefully place the object on the balance pan, close the doors, and read the mass of your object.

Cleaning up and shutting down the balance

When you are done with the balance, make sure you have properly cleaned up any chemicals that may have spilled on the balance. At the end of the day, the balance can be turned off by lifting up gently on the control bar.

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