Cleaning and proper use of the cuvettes for the Spec 20

The cuvettes for use in the Spec 20 resemble small test tubes. Each cuvette is markded so that it can be positioned properly in the sample holder. The mark is at the top of the cuvette and must be positioned toward teh front of the spectrophotometer when taking measurements. Handle these tubes with extreme care to keep both the inside and outside surfaces clean and free of scratches.

Cleaning the Cuvette:

  1. NEVER use a brush to clean the inside of the cuvette.

  2. Rinse the tube with distilled water a few times

  3. Add about 1 mL of the solution to be measured. Tilt and turn the cuvette so that the solution has contact with all the surfaces. Discard this solution and repeat this rinse once more.

  4. Fill the cuvette about 3/4 full of the solution you wish to test.

  5. Wipe the outside of the cuvette with a lint-free, soft tissue (a Shurwipe or and Accuwipe) to remove any moisture or fingerprints from the outside surface.

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