Using the Fisher pH meter as a voltmeter

Picture of the Fisher pH meter

  1. Turn the power on. The instrument should be in the standby mode.

  2. Clamp the alligator clips together.

  3. This step varies for different models:
    1. Model 120: Change from STANDBY to mV mode
    2. Model 210: The function switch is set to REF
    3. Model 230: The function knob is set to mV ZERO and the operated leveer is set to USE
    4. Model 230A: The function selector is changed from BLANK to the desired mV scale and the operated switch is set on pH REF/mV ZERO
    5. Model 600: Change from STANDBY to mV

  4. For all models, use the standardize knob to adjust the mV scale to zero.

  5. To take readings, clamp the alligator clips to the appropriate electrodes and place the electrodes in the solution. Be careful not to let the electrodes touch

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