Safety Facts and Disclaimer Form

During check-in, you signed a form agreeing to abide by the following safety policies while in the chemistry laboratory at Purdue University:

  1. Approved safety goggles (NOT safety glasses) are to be worn continuously while you are in the laboratory. Safety goggles will protect your eyes against impact and splashes. These goggles are available in the book stores or from the storeroom. Wearing of contact lemses in a chemistry laboratory can be harmful to your visual health. Contact lenses should be replaced by prescription glasses except in the rare cases where this is not possible. Contact lens wearers must report this to the teaching assistant at the beginning of the semester. In any event, wearers of contacts or prescription glasses must protect their eyes with safety goggles.
    If you should get a chemical into your eyes, wash with flowing water from the eyewash for approximately 15-20 minutes, and notify your teaching assistant.

  2. Students are to be appropriately dressed in the laboratory at all times, even during check-out. Appropriately dressed constitutes wearing clothing that protects the skin from the neck to below the knees. Sleeveless or tank-top shirts, shorts, or skirts that don't cover the knees are not acceptable in the laboratory. Open toed shoes or heeled shoes or sandals are not to be worn in the laboratory.

  3. Perform no unauthorized experiments.

  4. Never use an open flame when working with organic solvents.

  5. In case of fire or accident, notify your teaching assistant at once. (Note location of fire extinguisher and safety shower now so that you can use them if needed. Wet towels are very effective for smothering fires.)

  6. Take special care when working with stong acids or strong bases. Contact with these materials can cause severe chemical burns.

  7. Do not touch hot glassware or hot hardware. Think before you act.

  8. The chemistry department will seek medical assistance for all injured students. Transportation will be suppleied to a medical facility if needed. The student is responsible for all costs incurred!

  9. Do not taste anything in the laboratory. (This applies to food as well as chemicals. Do not use the laboratory as an eating place and do not eat or drink from laboratory glassware.)

  10. Exercise great care in noting the odor of fumes and, whenever possible, avoid breating fumes of any kind.

  11. Always use a suction bulb when filling a pipet. Never suction by mouth!

  12. Don't force glass tubing into rubber stoppers.

  13. To minimize hazard, confine long hair securly when in the laboratory.

  14. When working with electrical equipment observe caution in handling loose wires and make sure that all equipment is electrically grounded before touching it.

  15. Never work alone in the laboratory.

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