A Guide to Painless Test Question Inputing

Copying from a word processor Paragraph breaks
Subscripts and superscripts Images
Other HTML tags Posting under multiple topics

To copy a question directly from a word processing program:

You can copy text directly from most word processors the same way you copy text within the program. In your word processor, open the file containing the question you would like to submit. Highlight the question and copy it (usually ctrl-c). Go to the question box on your browser submission form page. Paste the question (usually ctrl-v).

Paragraph breaks:

The form does not recognize your enter key as a signal to start the next line. You may enter as many times as you would like when typing your question, and the form processing will add line breaks where needed to make the input fit on the page of whoever is browsing. If you want to be sure that a line break occurs at a specific place, HTML has two ways for you to do this:

The first is a command to move to the next line
like this. The code for the important part of the last sentence is:
...next line <br> like this.

The second line break give a line break and a blank line

like this. The code for the important part of the last sentence is:
...blank line <p> like this.

Subscripts and superscripts:

In transfering your question from a word processor, you will lose any subscripting and superscripting that you once had. However, the form accepts the common HTML tags for subscripting and superscripting, so you will be able to fix this. You need to put in the appropriate tags for these things. For example:

If you wanted your question to contain the formula H2O, you would need to enter H<sub>2</sub>O.

Similarly, if you wanted your question to contain the ion Ca2+, you would need to enter Ca<sup>+2</sup>.

Including an image with your question:

Images are a bit more difficult than superscripts and subscripts, but not impossible. If you want an image as part of your question, you will need to put it into .gif or .jpeg format and post it on a webserver. Once the image is web accessible, you will need code similar to:

<img src="http://server.name/file/file/name.gif>

Where you supply the proper address to the image.

Other HTML tags:

The form supports most common HTML tags, so feel free to use them if you know them. A couple of others that might be useful to you include:

<b>boldface</b>: To put something in boldface

<i>italics</i>: To put something in italics

<u>underline</u>: To underline something

Posting a question under more than one topic:

If you would like your question to appear under more than one topic area, you can avoid typing it more than once. Choose a topic and submit your question. Go back using your browser's BACK button. Choose a new topic and submit again. You may do this as many times as you would like.

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