So, you think you might be interested in learning some Chemistry?


We created this page for the beginner who has no idea where to begin.

The list below provides an outline often followed by introductory chemistry courses.

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1. Measurement
2. Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
3. Stoichiometry
4. Gases
5. Thermochemistry
6. Structure of the Atom
7. An Introduction to Ionic Compounds
8. The Covalent Bond
9. Main-Group Metals
10. The Chemistry of Non-Metals
11. Acids and Bases
12. Transition-Metal Chemistry
13. The Structure of Solids
14. Liquids
15. Solutions
16. Introduction to Kinetics and Equilibria
17. Acid-Base Equilibria
18. Solubility and Complex-Ion Equilibria
19. Oxidation & Reduction Reactions
20. Electrochemistry
21. Chemical Thermodynamics
22. Kinetics
23. Nuclear Chemistry
24. Introduction to Organic Chemistry