1. Look at the three structures below (Rotate them until you agree with the labels.)

Simple Cubic Face-Centered Cubic Body-Centered Cubic

Face Centered Cubic Structure

One of the most difficult aspects of learning about crystal structures is seeing that a Face Centered Cubic Aray is composed of closest packed planes.

Imagine these atoms are part of a larger extended array ...

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2. Rotate the crystal until you can determine if it is a:

(a) Simple Cubic Structure.
(b) Face Centered Cubic Structure.
(c) Body Centered Cubic Structure.

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3. We have cut away some of the far side of the crystal to help you see its closest packed planes.


4. Rotate the crystal until you can determine if the closest packed plane cuts:

(a) through the body diagonal of the Face-centered unit cell
(b) parallel or perpendicular to the Face-centered unit cell
(c) through the crystal at an oblique angle.


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